Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Week 2 Big Ten Recap

Ohio State - 26 :: Ohio - 14

I don't know if it was because Beanie Wells didn't play or because the USC game is next week, but Ohio State really stunk in this game. Ohio was up 7-6 at the half and took a 14-12 lead into the fourth quarter before the Buckeyes made a comeback. That comeback came thanks to a fumbled punt return by Ohio, giving OSU great field position that led to a touchdown. Then the game was put out of reach on a punt return by Ray Small that went back for a TD.

Without a doubt this game was a scare for Ohio State as they really were lucky to win. Still, at the end of the day they did get the win. It doesn't do anything for their image as they dropped to #5 in the polls, but that means nothing as they head to LA to play USC this Saturday. A win against the Trojans would silence all critics, although I don't expect that to happen. USC looked like the best team in the nation against Virginia and with the way OSU played against Ohio, this one doesn't look like it's even going to be close.

Prediction: Sort of correct (OSU won, but not in a blowout)

Wisconsin - 51 :: Marshall - 14

The Badgers were actually trailing 14-0 in this game. When I saw the score I tried to think that Wisconsin was going to be upset, but they do this all the time. Slow starts are not unusual at all and the fact that they rattled off 51 unanswered points really isn't all that surprising. Wisconsin now looks ahead to a tough game at Fresno State. The Bulldogs are hoping to make their run at being a BCS buster, and they have to get by Wisconsin in order to do that.

Prediction: Correct

Illinois - 47 :: Eastern Illinois - 21

Illinois also got off to a slow start in their game this past Saturday before scoring 33 unanswered points. They went into the second quarter tied at 7, and by the time the fourth quarter got underway were up 40-7. Juice Williams had more usual passing stats in this game compared to last week as he only threw for 124 yards.

Prediction: Correct

Purdue - 42 :: Northern Colorado - 10

The Boilermakers opened their season with an easy win over a cupcake team. There's not much else to say about this game other than that Curtis Painter threw for 286 yards and 2 touchdowns.

Prediction: Correct

Michigan State - 42 :: Eastern Michigan - 10

Javon Ringer ran for 135 yards and a whopping 5 touchdowns as he led the Spartans to a solid win over EMU. The Spartans had a good game all around and now look ahead to Florida Atlantic. Some may consider that game as being a potential upset as FAU isn't bad by any means. I'm not one that thinks that'll happen, but it could be close early on before MSU really starts rolling.

Prediction: Correct

Iowa - 42 :: Florida International - 0

Really there isn't anything to say about the Hawkeyes this season. There won't be anything worth talking about until they play a real team as Maine and FIU don't exactly provide much competition. We will get a better look at Iowa when they host Iowa State on Saturday, especially since the Hawkeyes always have trouble with their in-state rival.

Prediction: Correct

Penn State - 45 :: Oregon State - 14

The result of this game caught me by surprise. I expected Penn State to win, but I didn't think they would do it in such dominating fashion. The Nittany Lions simply destroyed Oregon State and looked very impressive en route to their blowout victory. Nothing should change for PSU the next two weeks as they play a terrible Syracuse team on Saturday and then host Temple on September 20.

Prediction: Sort of correct (PSU won in a blowout, not comfortably)

Indiana - 45 :: Murray State - 3

Kellen Lewis threw for 170 yards in this blowout win over a cupcake. Indiana definitely put together their schedule in a way that will give them a chance to make another bowl game, but don't write off their next game on September 20 against Ball State. The Brady Hoke-coached Cardinals aren't a bad team and will be looking for the upset.

Prediction: Correct

Northwestern - 24 :: Duke - 20

The Blue Devils really played better than Northwestern in this game, but the Wildcats were able to hang on after a Duke touchdown pass was called back due to a holding penalty. It wasn't pretty, but Northwestern did manage to get revenge for last year's loss to the Blue Devils.

Prediction: Correct

Minnesota - 42 :: Bowling Green - 17

I definitely was wrong about Minnesota in this game. I predicted a Bowling Green victory and that was completely incorrect. Minnesota pulled away from the Falcons with three fourth quarter touchdowns and ended up winning by 25 points to improve to 2-0, already doubling last year's win total.

Prediction: Incorrect

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