Tuesday, September 09, 2008

MSC's Week 2 BlogPoll

Now that we have gone through two full weeks of college football, I am starting to get a better idea of where each team stands. When I put together my week 2 BlogPoll I started to take the first two weeks of play into consideration more than anything else.

By that I mean that predictions have taken a backseat and what teams have actually done on the field means much more now. A big aspect of how my poll is formed still has to do with mythical head-to-head match-ups, which is why East Carolina, despite having the best resume in the country, is only ranked 10th.

Here is the full breakdown:

1-5: Ohio State's terrible performance against Ohio University caused them to drop down to 5th in the nation this week. With that, USC became the new #1. Behind the Trojans I have Georgia jumping ahead of Oklahoma and then Florida moving up a spot thanks to the Buckeyes' slide.

6-10: LSU, Texas, and Missouri all moved up one spot this week as I removed Auburn from the top 10. Yes, they did beat Southern Miss by two touchdowns, but my Auburn Kool-Aid has run out. Penn State's impressive blowout of Oregon State was good enough to get them into the top 10, and then East Carolina debuts at #10.

The Pirates have started the season with wins over Virginia Tech and West Virginia and definitely deserve to be ranked where they are. Heck, I nearly ranked them even higher as they do have the best resume in the country. Ultimately I didn't do that, though, as I do not necessarily think they are better than the 9 teams in front of them. Even so, they will have a chance to move up throughout the rest of the season as they have a very good chance of going undefeated.

11-15: As previously mentioned, I decided to move Auburn out of the top 10, putting them at 11th in this week's poll. After that comes Arizona State, who had an impressive win against Stanford, and Alabama, who nonchalantly beat Tulane. California moves up 6 spots after annihilating Washington State, and Wisconsin falls 2 places due to what other teams accomplished. They did blowout Marshall, but their slide was only because other teams looked good enough to improve their own position in this poll.

16-20: Oregon remains at #16 after putting on a clinic offensively against Utah State. I then dropped Texas Tech to 17th since they struggled against Nevada. Kansas falls back a spot because of what other teams did, and Wake Forest jumps into the top 20 thanks to a close win over Mississippi. Finally, rounding out the top 20 is BYU, who dropped a couple spots after being taken to the brink by Washington. Had it not been for a really crappy unsportsmanlike penalty called on the Huskies at the end of the game, BYU probably would have had to go to overtime against Washington, so they are lucky they didn't drop even farther.

21-25: Fresno State was idle this week but moved up a spot anyways. Illinois jumped past Utah as it's becoming obvious that the Utes' win over Michigan wasn't exactly all that impressive. Still, they were able to move up a spot as South Florida was dropped 5 spots after only beating Central Florida in overtime. To close out the top 25, I put West Virginia on the edge of missing the poll as their loss to East Carolina was embarrassing. Don't get me wrong, ECU deserves credit for the beat down they gave the Mountaineers, but it was very telling to see how lackadaisical WVU looked. I thought that with Bill Stewart as their head coach they would slowly turn into a second-rate program in a few years, but I never really expected it to happen this quickly. Not all is lost for their season, but if they play like they did against ECU then Bill Stewart better start looking for a new job.

Dropped out: To add East Carolina to the top 25 I had to get rid of Clemson. I seriously considered removing them from my poll altogether last week after they got manhandled by Alabama, but decided to keep them in for the time being. As you can see, the "time being" is the key phrase there as Clemson no longer is ranked in my poll.

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