Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Monday Presser Notes (Week 2)

Rich Rodriguez:
  • The offense "made some steps" during the Miami game.
  • Mark Ortmann dislocated his elbow and "is more than likely out for this week."
  • Perry Dorrestein and Bryant Nowicki will compete for the starting job at LT with Ortmann out. Freshman Patrick Omameh will also be over on the left side.
  • Greg Mathews should play Saturday.
  • Michael Shaw should practice tomorrow.
  • Terrence Robinson is "getting better."
  • Rich Rodriguez and Charlie Weis met for the first time last year and talked football.
  • Michigan is relying more on their defense now than they will in the future.
  • The QB rotation from the Miami game may be used against Notre Dame as well (Threet starts the game and Sheridan goes in if things aren't going well).
  • Threet "was making some pretty good decisions," but rushed it on a few plays.
  • Rodriguez didn't receive an explanation about the reviewed call that resulted in a redo for Miami. He didn't even know that was possible.
  • There's still a chance that Kevin Koger will play.
  • "Stevie (Brown) played pretty well."
  • Notre Dame loves to blitz and does so from all angles.
  • West Virginia played at Notre Dame in Rodriguez's first year as head coach.
  • Martavious Odoms is in the rotation to return punts and Boubacar Cissoko may also get a chance.
  • Jonas Mouton was "pretty active" in his first start at linebacker.
  • Quarterback changes happen based on feeling.
  • Carlos Brown practiced in a white jersey for the first time in a while on Sunday, meaning his injuries may finally be gone.
  • Justin Feagin is still working out as a quarterback, but is helping out at slot as well.
Steven Threet:
  • Threet has been to three Michigan-Notre Dame games in South Bend as a U-M fan.
  • Notre Dame has a lot of tradition.
  • Michigan "left a few plays on the field" against Miami.
  • He and Sheridan do a good job of just taking the reps they get.
  • He's feeling fine body-wise.
Nick Sheridan:
  • It's disappointing to lose Mark Ortmann, but Bryant Nowicki did a nice job filling in.
  • On Friday nights before a home game and on road trips he and Threet room together.
  • The most difficult part of the offense is the philosophy behind it.
Morgan Trent:
  • The seniors will have to show the younger guys that road games are business trips.
  • The rivalry with Notre Dame is a little different than the rivalries with MSU and OSU.
  • Trent saw the press clippings on Charlie Weis' "to hell with Michigan" comments, but not the video.
  • You can see the offense improving in practice.

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